Dawn Dawson Hardship Grant

Hello from Marge and John

When we created the Estelle R. ​Ford Future Nurses Scholarship Fund

in August of 2016,

little did we know what would occur over the course of the 

next 11 months:

the people who would touch us

the stories we would learn


the very special people that have become nurses

During our first year in building the scholarship fund, we came to understand more about the passion that nurses have .

We learned about the people in their lives who 

support , love, and depend on them, 

being there every day: their family as well as their patients!

It seems to happen every time we speak to someone –

a nursing connection 

a sister who is studying to become a nurse

a former student who wanted to become a nurse but

 went on to shape young minds as a teacher

a nursing student who left school to care for aging or ailing parents and never returned to nursing school;

the nurse,  coming home from a Saturday shift who found herself in the path of a wrong way driver, leaving behind a young family.

It is for these people that we have added the

Dawn Dawson Hardship Grant

as a part of the

Estelle R. Ford Future Nurses Scholarship Fund.

In the spring of 2017, Allan Dawson approached John Ford ,

and shared with him his desire to do something in his mother’s memory – he was inspired by the scholarship fund The Ford's 

had established for their mother’s legacy and didn’t want to set up something that would compete with that effort.

Both men happened to be at church one morning and at the end of the service and soon an idea was born. A “Hardship Grant” would be created,

in Dawn Dawson’s memory,

within the Estelle R. Ford Future Nurses Scholarship Fund.

This was a perfect solution. It was also something that both women

Estelle and Dawn

would have highly approved of doing. As a result of that meeting,the Estelle R. Ford Fund Board, voted to establish a grant that would provide some assistance to:

 a nurse who may be struggling to care for ailing parents 

and needing to leave their job;

a family left behind after an unexpected death of a family member

 who was a nurse;

 a nurse who leaves their job due to significant illness or personal circumstances that prohibit them from continuing .

The Estelle R. Ford Future Nurses Scholarship Fund is very proud to make this grant available on a “need” basis. It is our way of giving back to people who are i​​n the profession that Estelle and Dawn dedicated their  lives to….no matter how long or how short their lives were. 

Their impact on others is indelible and ever-lasting. 

John R. Ford

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